Yes, but…

I’m soaring through the clouds, but there’s concrete on my feet, constantly dragging me down.

I’m happy like I can’t remember I ever was, but there’s a nagging thought in my head, constantly reminding me of reality.

I’m feeling like I’ve finally found the way, but there’s so many crossroads, constantly getting me off track again.

I’m certain that I’m right this time, but there’s this cloud in my mind, constantly obstructing my view.

Maybe I’m more lost than ever without actually realizing it.

Big Words, Tiny Truths

I don’t need your big words and fancy sentences.

I don’t need your quotations of famous poets and people alike.

I don’t need the meticulous and the scrutinizing.

I don’t need your elaborate, instantaneous rivers of fearsome excuses.

I don’t need it to make sense all the time.

All I need are tiny, meaningful truths.

Like Thereā€˜s No Tomorrow

Dance with me tonight, we’ll let the music take the lead.

Don’t worry about stepping on my feet, because as we sink into the tune our legs start moving on their own.

Thoughtlessly we swing around the room like Beauty and the Beast.

Now turn, turn, and once again, until you almost lose your balance. I’ll catch you before you fall.

Keep your eyes on mine, your hands on my shoulders and lose your mind in the songs and candlelight.

Raise your voice, let it go, take me with you.

For tonight we dance like there’s no tomorrow.

I Have to Go

He wrapped his arms around her and said “My love, I have to go.”

She buried her head in his chest and cried silent tears of pain.

So many years have passed since then, but she’s still sitting on the balcony, wondering where he might be.

Wondering if he’ll ever come back to look at the stars with her.


Even a bed made out of feathers can be uncomfortable at times,

Because when you can’t stop thinking your thoughts and contemplating your doubts there’s no tranquilizer that could make you fall asleep.

So you lay there, wide awake worrying about why you worry because there’s really nothing wrong.

You make it harder on yourself than it is, even though you’re the one who preaches it could all be so easy.

And it is. It is easy, uncomplicated and most importantly, it is good.

You’re happy, you have every right to be, and maybe that scares you.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how happiness works, or maybe you’re just too stubborn to let yourself give in to this feeling.

You know now that you haven’t been fighting a meaningless fight. Nothing you did was in vain, and it’s all slowly starting to pay out.

Sure, you still don’t really know where this new path is leading, but you shouldn’t be so afraid of the unknown.

Every single one of these past few days has been an adventure. And you know you’ll gladly keep on dancing this dance, as long as she sometimes takes the lead.

Something Else

Magic is real. Not in the Harry Potter sense, but some moments feel like they’re from out of this world, as if something bigger than ourselves was trying to tell us Look! This is real too. 

I believe in this something else, you know. I believe that we are able to create something new, something revolutionary, if you will.

You’re not just a fantasy. You’re more than a dream I can’t forget. You are as real as the wire fences we climb.

I don’t know if you are scared of the things you want or if they are scared of you. And I don’t know what I can do to make it easier. What I do know, though, is that you’ll do what’s best for you. And no matter how things will turn out, I’ll be happy to have taken a risk.

Because you, too, make me feel the rain.

Heartshaped Lighter

Say that you need me and I’ll ride across the ocean on my bike.

Give me a reason not to think and I’ll stop.

Put your hand on the back of my head, I’m not quite sure if I’m still alive.

Take a puff off of last night’s cigarette, there are hearts on my lighter.