Sometimes at night When I'm supposed to go home I don't know where to turn. For you see, I do have a bed, And a room, And a whole house that belongs to me. But it doesn't feel like home, More like a necessity. It doesn't feel like home, But rather like a place to … Continue reading

I know it sounds cheesy But I can't get enough of you I know it sounds harsh But you get sick of me so quickly I know it sounds exaggerated But we always find our way back to each other

I'm the revolution I break down all of your walls I'm the anarchy in your system I don't fear your fears I don't cry your tears I don't apply to your standards Or your idea of perfect I rise above everything I'm the one you never wanted to find I'm the one who makes you … Continue reading

I'm surrounded by stupidity The air thickens around me when they talk Cringing, trying to drown out the dumb and daft I've been sitting here for centuries Watching the blind rise up to lead the deaf Sometimes I can't help but wonder If I'm the stupid one