Even a bed made out of feathers can be uncomfortable at times,

Because when you can’t stop thinking your thoughts and contemplating your doubts there’s no tranquilizer that could make you fall asleep.

So you lay there, wide awake worrying about why you worry because there’s really nothing wrong.

You make it harder on yourself than it is, even though you’re the one who preaches it could all be so easy.

And it is. It is easy, uncomplicated and most importantly, it is good.

You’re happy, you have every right to be, and maybe that scares you.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how happiness works, or maybe you’re just too stubborn to let yourself give in to this feeling.

You know now that you haven’t been fighting a meaningless fight. Nothing you did was in vain, and it’s all slowly starting to pay out.

Sure, you still don’t really know where this new path is leading, but you shouldn’t be so afraid of the unknown.

Every single one of these past few days has been an adventure. And you know you’ll gladly keep on dancing this dance, as long as she sometimes takes the lead.

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