Pathetic War

It’s an endless back and forth, isn’t it? Offense and defense are playing to a draw time and time again.

No one side can ever truly win this pathetic war.

There’s no phoenix to rise from the ashes, because the ashes have been smothered by all the tears we have dropped onto them.

And maybe it’s alright the way it is. After all, who’s ever really happy?

The questions we ask ourselves echo softly in the trees as we try to build a new tomorrow.

Nothing that matters is ever forgotten. We may never lose the memories of the pain we have faced along our journey.

And we may never know where our paths will lead to once it’s all over.

But don’t worry about that for now, because as long as we are still holding on to something, we can never fall farther than we already have.

So sleep tight, little angel. Let’s see what the new dawn will bring.

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