You’re right in front if me but you can’t see me. To you, I’m like a mirror in which you see your own ugly reflection. Maybe that’s the reason why what I want is impossible to have.

We’re so similar in every kind of way. We want the same things, we criticize the same standards society has set for us. It could all be so easy.

Maybe this short life isn’t worth all the pain and doubts. But would it even be interesting without them?

A story is the strongest thing there is as someone once said. I’ve got stories, yet I feel weak. You and I are a new chapter that hasn’t been written, and it won’t have a happy ending.

But besides all of the evidence against us, I still think we could make it work somehow. Please don’t ask me why I want this so badly, you haven’t got enough time to listen to my reasons.

Perhaps one day we’ll have our very own hollywood movie scene.

I won’t be wasting any more chances.

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