Sometimes I lie awake, staring into the darkness with absolutely nothing on my mind and then all of a sudden you’re there. Like a ghost you appear out of nowhere and start haunting the halls of my head again.

So many years have passed and you’re still somewhere in there, buried underneath all the other heavy memories I have no use for anymore. And even though you’re at the bottom of everything, you manage to climb out sometimes.

Out of all of those memories you are the oldest and also the strongest. You rule my kingdom of betrayed promises, lies, tears and broken hearts that I wanted to forget. Like a queen you sit on a throne of shattered glass. I’ve never been able to fully bury you. Your fire still burns and every new memory that I throw into my pit of oblivion serves as food for the flames.

You walk around up there and look at the world outside through my eyes as if they were your own.

I don’t mind you walking, I just wish you would take your shoes off.

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