A million fireflies are dancing on my shoulders as we watch the sun set at the end of the world.

Take me back to the night we met, when we didn’t know each other because we didn’t have to. Take me back to the time when we were just two strangers, looking for a place to hide.

Maybe nothing’s ever really black and white but the colors only seem real in the rain. And even though our clothes are drenched we don’t care that the heavens are weeping. Our tears are more painful anyway.

The blackened sky greets us with a smile as we set upon a journey that we weren’t made for. And if tomorrow the sun doesn’t shine we’ll just keep on sleeping.

It’s always you and I, except when I’m alone. Still, you’re here in a way, because I can see your reflection in even the tiniest raindrop.

It’s always raining these days, but I’m not cold.

You keep my heart on fire.

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