Running. Always running in a different direction every day. I’ve lost sight of the finish line a long time ago. No matter how hard I try not to, I seem to end up at the same place time and time again.

Giving. Always giving too much too quickly. I open up my heart and soul on the first night and for some reason, I feel good about it. How hard can it be to just have a little composure? It leads to disaster without fail, time and time again.

Feeling. Always feeling everything right from the start, without second thoughts. I take it all in and let it fill me up. I feast on premature love, I’ve got a hungry heart. It starves, time and time again.

There are so many claws in my brain, I’ve stopped counting. I’ve got eyes in my mind that just won’t stop blinking.

All I can see is everything. All I can feel is everything.

Emotions jumping around without purpouse or goal. There’s no plan, no organization, just chaos.

It’ll take a hurricane to clean up all the mess they’ve made.

Fill my lungs with smoke. Fill my veins with liquor. Fill my heart with fear of remembering.

The memories never leave.

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