The river flows silently, turning and bending, twisting its body around enormous rocks and mountains.

A warm breeze, gently stroking the gushing waves like a mother caressing her child.

A lonely heart, trying to swim against the stream, drowning in itself, sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Somewhere down there, a silhoutte is shaking in the cold, gasping and in pain, crying tears that have dried out long ago.

Maybe the light will come back some day and reclaim its place in the heart of the drowned king.

A pair of eyes on the horizon, looking into the future but only seeing the past.

It only matters if it doesn’t last.

4 thoughts on “Deeper

      1. Not a problem! I’ve been following your work for quite sometime now and it’s rewarding and exciting to see your writing grow! I think I appreciate it because it’s so raw-edge and emotional – well at least that’s the way it seems from my perspective. Keep up the amazing work (no pressure haha) and I’ll always be here rooting for you.


      2. Honestly, you don‘t know how much your comments mean to me. I don‘t really care that not a lot of people read my writing since I mostly do it for myself, but knowing that there‘s someone out there who‘s reading my stuff and actually likes it feels extremely good. Thank you! My ego‘s got a boner, I think.

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