Blue. Always so beautifully, painfully blue. Wise, cold, calm. Her eyes seemed to see through everything. They could read the tiniest expression on my face. At times I thought that they could read my feelings like an open book. As if they opened up my heart and just started analyzing all the twists and turns of my emotions that even I wasn’t able to understand.

“You look sad,” she’d say. And sure enough, I’d feel sad. Sad about the fact that the moment we shared was fleeting at a rapid pace and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I’d force a smile and just look at her, look into those hauntingly beautiful eyes, gently stroke her cheek and wait. I never knew what I was waiting for exactly. Maybe for time to stand still. Maybe I was waiting for eternity. Paper dreams, honey, as it goes. They’re fragile. And they burn so quickly.

Still, I feel like this story isn’t over. We’ve encountered obstacles of various sorts, sure. We may even be going in different directions with this whole thing. Maybe I’m a bit in over my head. Maybe she’s more stable. Maybe I’ve punched one too many things on our way and maybe the end just comes as unexpectedly as the beginning. “The beauty of a moment lies within its passing.” True enough but why can’t things just last? Why does everything have to end? And why is it so tiring to fight for a lost cause?

Two opposing sides, trying to brave the storm. One moves back, the other goes into the offensive. It’s a pathetic war between strangers who seem like soulmates at times. The bodies serve as fresh soil for a strong tree that just keeps on growing. The leaves are blue. Or green, depending on the light.

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