Life Sucks

How can we ever find peace when this whole world is so hell-bent on destroying us?

All we do is wasting away our lives in meaningless consumerism while always looking for a purpose. In the end, nothing we do matters. So why are we here? Why do we have to obey a system that is broken beyond repair? Why is anything the way it is? It’s questions like these that I ask myself every day. And with every time these thoughts enter my mind, I grow more and more certain that there is no answer.

Maybe there is no purpose to our existence. Maybe we’re just here. The question “why” is perhaps the oldest one in human history. Religions provide answers, sure, but not everyone agrees with religious ideas. Then again, not even religious people agree with religious ideas, if they’re not their own, that is.

Maybe the fact that there’s no answer is the answer. The constant questioning of the purpose of our existence is what keeps life interesting, no? We never know why things are happening and where we’ll end up when we’re dead.

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