The Meaning Of Life

This topic is one of my favorites. The question “What’s the meaning of life?” has so much philosophical potential and leaves room for interpretation. However, I don’t think there is a general answer to it. Every one of us has to find an answer for themselves. In my case, I have found two answers I can live with. The ideas behind them are essentially the same.

Life’s about experiencing moments of such happiness that you would not care in the least if you died right then and there.

Life’s about living in a way that when you’re lying on your death-bed, you don’t regret anything.

Now, with the first one I mean that we should live our lives to the fullest.
“Don’t chase your luck but seize every opportunity you get.”
That’s basically the philosophy behind it. So spend as much time with the people you love, be open for new experiences and don’t be scared of adventures. Everything that brings you happiness and positivity in even the tiniest way is a thing you should try to do/achieve.

My second answer is pretty straightforward, though not easy. In the moment of making a decision, you can’t possibly know if you’re going to regret it one day. Furthermore, the mentioned “death-bed” is not to be taken literally. I mean, life is basically our death-bed. Every one of us could die any minute. So we should try to make decisions based on our instincts. Don’t listen to your mind or your heart, just do what feels right in the exact moment you’re making a decision. Because after it is made, you won’t have any chance to change it.

You’ve probably noticed that in both of my answers, death is a part of my meaning of life. The reason for that is simple: There is only one thing that’s for certain in this world and it’s that we’re all going to die. Only the times and circumstances may differ. Life and death are inevitably linked, so when we discuss the “meaning of life”, we should always be thinking of death at the same time.

So much for another very short post. Feel free to comment your possible answers, I’d really appreciate other viewpoints.

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